“What worries me even more – today the government decided that we as nurses are allowed to work up to 12 hours, rest times only 9 hours and 60 hours a week / additional weekend services … thanks for applauding! Instead of more money – more work …. hooray! “

In fact, when I read about the bill that is supposed to be implemented, my jaw dropped too. First jazz up to “heroes”, “we stand behind you” slogans and then the dagger in the back.

all new viruses are created by humans, mainly, out of curiosity, greed or calculation and these virus laboratories should finally be closed.

SARS-CoV-2 is not made by humans. This can be proven very well with studies on bats.

You should take the time to read the numerous sources you have linked to. Because those who hope, plan and test are far from reaching their goal.

Some forists assume that we will gradually return to a kind of “normality” from summer onwards?

Will there be flights again, for double or triple the price? Jet set is going to be jet set again. Anyone who is rich can afford it. And it will be the same with holidays in Malle. The curbs stay up there. Vacationers will not be welcome in Spain, France or Italy. Especially not in Britain. Actually not in Friesland, and certainly not in Switzerland or Austria.

I think it’s really great. The Germans will be able to spend the next few years vacation in their wonderful industrial fucked up country.

THAT (!) Should finally strengthen the environmental awareness, also a real awareness of scorched earth … Our monocultural forests, the Ruhrpott, ailing Ostmarken, Bavarian lakes, filled fields – so beautiful!

If I understand you correctly, the grandfather determines what the “good of the community” is, and whoever says something against him is an “individualist”.

exactly … I see that too! We’re giving interest-free loans to the travel industry … that’s awesome. Next year nobody knows what is. I’m not paying in June 2020 for something that I may not get / can get more in 2021!

Until then we can certainly go back to work for the most part. Otherwise the economy will suffer too much, the markets will be out of tune and German companies will be bought by locusts. So I’ll get back on the S-Bahn in the morning.

What is the bigger problem for infection protection – holiday home on the Schlei or S-Bahn in Munich?

Yemen would have been a very interesting travel destination before the current war began. Something like 1,001 nights in real. Now with the war – Yemen is pure misery. One of the worst and most disregarded in the world.

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