It is also said that other EU member states would seek a similar solution, but the EU Commission would have to agree to this beforehand. The federal government is currently still in talks with the commission.

The aim of the measure should be that tour operators and travel agencies should be saved from a total collapse, but the voucher should be secured by the state. If the voucher model should ultimately not work, the organizers would have to repay 3.5 billion euros within the next few weeks, according to an expert report available to the source. This could mean the end for many companies.

The cruise is also affected at this point, the calls for repayments to AIDA Cruises, TUI Cruises, MSC Cruises and the other shipping companies are getting louder. MSC Cruises now points out that the vouchers would be issued in accordance with Italian law. AIDA Cruises and many other shipping companies also insist that the best case scenario is for customers to rebook. This serves the liquidity of the company.

The responsible departments should approach the commission with the urgent concern of a practicable voucher solution in the short term. In a letter, the Commission is to be asked on behalf of the German government to act immediately and to ensure uniform European regulation.

BMJV, BMWi and BMF send the letter to the commission through the responsible commissioner of DG Just Reynders. The regulation is intended to provide the tour operator with the option of giving bookers a voucher for pandemic-related cancellations of trips booked before March 8, 2020 instead of the reimbursement due within 14 days, which should meet the following conditions:

The BMVI, BMWi and BMJV send the letter to the Commission through the responsible Commissioner of DG Move Valean. The regulation is intended to give airlines the option of canceling flights booked before March 8, 2020 instead of within 7 days in the event of a pandemic in the event of a pandemic, but also in the medium term by adapting the Passenger Rights Ordinance to give a voucher for the reimbursement that must meet the following conditions:

Sea Princess is currently being prepared for her new mission The former Sea Princess of the American Princess Cruises is currently in China for her new owner

The cruise lounge in Apensen invites you to the first virtual customer evening this evening at 7:00 p.m.

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