I left Colombia since February 17, 2020 and I have not yet been able to return to my country because of the actual situation of the pandemic.

I am stuck in Vienna Austria had my flight back on April 18 which the Avianca Aerolinea cancels me and until now I have not been collaborated in Vienna or feeding or economic help.

I am at a friend’s house, but at the moment I do not count on money to collaborate with my food expenses and toilet products.

I am a student at a unal, I was in an academic exchange, a few weeks to return to Colombia, the crisis on behalf of the Covid-19 exploded. Plan the stay with resources product of my work, which I had to give up, now I try to prolong them before the uncertainty of my return

I am stranded in Berlin without money and waiting for you to open borders of my country without help from any kind of forgetting our rulers has been obvious I need help just like many in my same situation help please!

I’m stuck in Mexico with my wife and my baby’s baby. I am a university professor in Colombia and I came to do research work. The consulate does not help. Where we are welcomed, there is an addict and there is domestic violence. I need legal help and dissemination in the means of this humanitarian crisis.

I am with my parents in Hungary and the resources of finished and we are going through difficulties, we need to return to Cali; We have the same rights of the connationals that were in Wuhan. We ask for free humanitarian flight to Cali.

I came in a tourist condition for 90 days and take advantage to study German but the classes were canceled, I wanted to return but the borders were closed, my flight was canceled and now I am drifting without having savings to be longer here.

Hello, I arrived at Bilbao, Spain on the 03 of Dec of the month of 2019, I live with a 54-year-old aunt, I do not have papers, I’m already for 2 months without working I want to know if there is any chance of food help, food is already scazing a lot and we do not have income

I am trapped in Cambodia since March when they closed the borders. They have canceled me three flights, I need to return to Colombia please.

Hello, I am Laura alive in Moscow came to study biotechnology. I do not have resources to sustain me and my closest relatives can not help me.

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