I wouldn’t have written that if I hadn’t been using NoScript for years and that wasn’t my everyday experience. I know how to use and configure NoScript. With some, entire pages are missing, especially externally hosted content, with others, the navigation is illegible, with still others, the layout is messed up.

The conclusion fits, of course. A lot has changed technically, many (in Germany 29%) use ad blockers. www.heise.de/newst…ozent-3614301.html. This affects desktop, mobile is still a vale of tears, although there are also free browsers (Firefox) with ad blocker plugins. It’s more difficult with apps.

Many commercial sites are unusable if you filter out the bug code. Because the operators / developers of the pages pay for their convenience with the data of the page visitors, of course without asking them, GDPR or not.

Google has just announced that its login only works with Javascript enabled: www.heise.de/newst…cript-4208557.html. ‘Only “a small minority” decide to leave the scripting language switched off. … The users should turn on JavaScript at least for the login. There is no alternative registration procedure. ‘

Gosh. With restricted Javascript (NoScript) surfing, those who want to decide for themselves which code and other resources such as fonts, icons (aka: which bugs) run or integrate a page from where. This of course affects Google and all other data stealers massively. My ad blocker blocks 61% of the requests that the site makes on this page, and my NoScript ensures, among other things, that Google in particular stays outside. Great loading time, by the way. Nevertheless, I can read everything here, log in and comment. Maybe the taz should explain to Google how to program login boxes, which obviously need professional help. And because of “small minority”: If you surf with controlled Javascript, you are amazed at how many sites ask to be switched on.

The first thought in Macron’s proposal could be: Look, someone is trying to leave Europe’s US vassal and colonial status behind. Basically an interesting idea. Just:

– Does Europe have no problems other than building a common army? I spontaneously think of Köhler’s “free trade routes”. A continent as aggressive as ever, only more elegant nowadays. E.

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