Studying and teaching are more than just imparting knowledge and skills. But how can the replacement of home and science still work under corona conditions? A guest post. More

Farmers across the country have repeatedly drawn attention to themselves in recent days with protests. The retail giant Rewe is now reacting. More

The Chinese reporter is accused of endangering national security. Your case increases pressure on foreign media in China. More

A feeling of infinity: Markus Eisenbichler and the German World Cup team let themselves be carried away by the fascination for ski flying in Planica. Before that, the co-favorite describes what is special about this competition. More

Politicians are trying to appease the retail sector with new aids before the threat of closings. Meanwhile, doctors are appealing: something must be done as soon as possible. More

Armenia contributed to the military escalation. But support is now needed. Otherwise the prospect of lasting peace in the South Caucasus is jeopardized. More

He made 100 international appearances for Brazil and played for top clubs such as AC Milan, Real Madrid and Manchester City. Robinho is said to have been involved in a gang rape in Italy. An appeals court has now confirmed the sentence. More

Deutsche Bank and Commerzbank outsource data to IT services from Google and Microsoft. But there is one interesting aspect in which the two big banks’ cloud strategies differ. More

The average pension paid out to women is less than 1,000 euros per month. So they get less than men. There is also a clear gap between East and West. More

Uber sells autonomous driving. We discuss why road traffic is a particularly difficult challenge for artificial intelligence. More

With our F + offer you get access to all exclusive articles on FAZ.NET for only 2.95 euros per week. Among other things, on these most popular pieces all week. More

Shortly before the collapse of the payment service provider, the head of the auditor oversight traded in Wirecard shares himself. Not only MPs are outraged. More

The Swedish royal family is expecting offspring again: Princess Sofia, the wife of Swedish Prince Carl Philip, is pregnant with her third child. More

Geriatric nurses complain of a particularly high burden. The labor minister is now promising improvement, at least in terms of wages. More

Johnnie Walker, Smirnoff, Baileys or Guinness: The listed alcohol company Diageo is one of the few British companies that can look forward to the UK’s exit from the EU with some calm thanks to strong brands. More

The European space telescope Gaia has mapped the positions and brightnesses of more than 1.8 billion stars in the Milky Way.

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