Since Arazim LKtd. has not received his money back, a land charge of 13.3 million (loan plus interest) is entered in the UNCC foundation book in the name of Arazim B.B. (a Dutch GmbH)

NRW Minister President Jürgen Rüttgers hands over the state’s grant notification for 35.79 million. On the same day, the HONG construction company reports that the costs are now 169 million (instead of 139 million)

Worst-case scenarios are drawn up within the management team. An employee’s document contains the sentence: “A nationwide damage to the image must be avoided.”

At least now, according to documents, the administration of the city of Bonn knows that KIM will transfer the WCCB to Arazim Ltd. has pledged. In addition to the first contract (no equity), this is now the second. The savings bank could terminate the loan agreement and the city the project agreement

Mayor Bärbel Dieckmann (SPD) announces after 14 years in office that she will no longer run as mayor in the local elections on August 30, 2009. She says: “Democracy lives from change.”

Topping-out ceremony at the WCCB. As became known about six months later through the report of the auditing office, some project members are already discussing an increase in construction costs of € 43 million internally and are having legal assessments made on the subjects of reversals and insolvencies

The SGB states that the construction costs have risen to 181,086,756 euros. In addition, KIM does not adhere to the repayment plan drawn up by the Sparkasse for the subsequent contribution of equity.

From Nov 2008 to April 2009 there is crisis management between the Sparkasse, the city and the UNCC, which neither the city council nor the media know about

The city council is told that SGB and HONG will rise in construction costs, with currency fluctuations (Doillar / Euro) and increases in raw material prices. “The increase in the number of hotel rooms from 185 to 335” is said to have played a key role (rescheduling, etc.), although the city council decided on December 15, 2005 a congress center with a 350 room hotel for 139 million. The city council instructs the auditing office to examine the processes (the report will appear at the end of April 2010), but nevertheless agrees that the subsidiary agreement can be increased by 30 million to prevent a construction freeze. At the same time, the city council is reported that another 30 million will come from Honua (Hawaii), the “new investor”. The fact that 94% of the WCCB has long been Arazim Ltd. heard, the city council does not know. The RPA will later determine that of the 30 million fresh savings bank funds (city guarantee) 14.3 million flowed into the lack of equity capital of the investor, only 15.7 million into the construction project

In the legal dispute over the UNCC shares between ARAZIM and KIM’s SIM Hyundai and HONUA, the Bonn district court decides in favor of ARAZIM LTD

Documents and descriptions of the situation about the WCCB reach the Bonner General-Anzeiger anonymously and in small installments, and some members of the editorial team from various editorial offices are approached from outside about how incompetent the GA’s bio-reporting is.

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