Automated new customer acquisition – qualified leads for EUR 5 Almost 50% of Germans own residential property. Over 500,000 residential properties change hands in Germany every year. How do you use the potential for your business? We will show you how you can win new customers quickly, easily and automatically via your homepage or from your inventory.

The German health system is one of the most stable in the world – this was clearly shown during the pandemic. So does that speak for the dual system? Is private health insurance gaining momentum? Or is citizen insurance the better solution? And what does this mean for sales and customers?

The company pension must be made fit for the future. Previous legal rules and products are due to sustained phase of low interest rates and increasing legal complexity can no longer be reconciled with the increasing security needs of employees due to the deteriorating situation in the GRV. The lecture is intended to shed light on people’s needs and suggest possible solutions.

Today, offline appointments give online appointments the handle in professional brokerage firms. Both types bring you and your customers advantages in their own way. Learn from a young and successful broker how you can best meet different customer requirements today and how you can design your own working method in a hybrid and modern way.

Company pension solutions are an essential factor in employer branding. The demands on technical solutions are high. Often times, it is the current technical possibilities that decide who is selected as an agent or provider. Modern advisory channels, a seamless transition from the conclusion to administration and online accounts are required. Status quo and visions for the digitization of the company pension.

The insurance industry will continue to develop over the next few years thanks to new technological opportunities. Questions are taken up as to why insurers should now deal with the topic of IoT and what approaches there are already in property insurance. The opportunities and risks that result from the use of IoT in the insurance industry are discussed.

– Consideration of those involved in the construction project – Interfaces and risks for client and contractor – Combined construction insurance as a solution, no longer just for large projects – Warranty claims due to incorrect execution, also for large projects – Insurance to simplify / accelerate the construction process

Special times require new paths. Our company processes and the type of communication are subject to tremendous change.

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