– How about a European IT infrastructure as an alternative to Google, Facebook, WhatsApp, Amazon, Apple, Microsoft and Paypal instead? Who then pay taxes here, leave the data in Europe and are subject to European law?

– Or how about a European financial infrastructure, independent of Wall Street? Who then pay taxes here, leave the data in Europe and are subject to European law?

– Or even a fair European social and economic system, in which the weaker people are not exploited and plundered for their own prosperity, as they have been for centuries?

The thing is reminiscent of the early days of the AfD. Basic dissatisfaction with a superordinate power and one’s own powerlessness (there EU, here USA) was channeled into a current that could be used in many ways.

Merkel smelled that Macron’s proposal at least had the potential to go in the wrong (US-critical) direction and therefore immediately gave him the spin, good thing, but of course under the umbrella of NATO, which means that everything continues under US director in progress. Merkel is a reliable transatlantic woman. She is there, as was the case with “Spying among friends is impossible”, when she even gave a US-friendly twist to the open disregard for our constitutional state and her own public humiliation.

Just 5 days ago there was an article here that explained the strategy of such figures in detail: www.taz.de/Archiv-…=gesundheitwesen/

Phase 3: Take the state hostage if things are going worse in the private sector than before -> bank rescue, PPP, Riester. Too big to jail.

Regardless of how you feel about the state in general, it implements approaches oriented towards the common good, which should and can offer millions of people a reliable basis and perspective. From the point of view of market ideologists, this must of course not be the case, because that means a) that they have to participate with a few crumbs and b) that the state-insured people do not have to buy security in the private sector, which they, when it comes down to it, but not guaranteed, see development in life insurance or home loan and savings contracts or even Riester. It’s all about making as much profit as possible from others, taking responsibility or sticking to a contract, if things don’t go so well, nothing.

The fact that the pension fund has been misappropriated and plundered by state actors for decades is another construction site. At the latest when Blüm announced “the pensions are safe”, a thorough investigation of the situation would have been appropriate, because when politicians say so, you can be sure that it is a lie and that something rotten should be covered up.

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