Get to know Adam Riese’s current product range and broker advantages. In addition, you get exclusive insights into the further product roadmap. Daniel Welzer, CEO of Adam Riese and member of the management board of the W&W Group, will lead through the program.

Exchange ideas with our experts on the topics of prevention, data, health, application channels, process automation and many more in this roundtable. What special services do we offer you with LV 1871? And how do we make this tangible for you? Take part in this multifaceted interactive exchange, we look forward to seeing you.

What brings success? How do you deal with challenges? A manager and a top athlete provide information. He is an exceptional German athlete: the triathlete Jan Frodeno is Olympic champion and reigning champion of the Ironman Hawaii. Nina Klingspor is CEO of Allianz Private Health Insurance (APKV) – sales is a priority for her. They talk about the challenges in top-class sport and insurance, about motivation to constantly develop, and about the partnership between Jan Frodeno and the APKV.

Honorable merchants adapt their business model. Lead your own company safely into the future. What opportunities does this time offer brands? What the virtues of the VEVK mean and why honorable merchants are so important right now … Energy for entrepreneurs and suggestions for everyone! 30 minutes of time well spent.

Do you always have an eye on all target groups? In this workshop you will get to know the corresponding Allianz products for the target groups – in a nutshell, concise and sales-oriented!

Find out from two practical cases which possible solutions can be negotiated when switching to an insurance broker. Alexander Retsch shows you briefly how successful broker offices are created. Legally compliant action and experience in dealing with the respective exclusive insurers are a guarantee for a successful start as an independent insurance broker.

A study by MVP that has never been carried out in this depth has just been completed by dvb. Various sales specialists spent a year working through over 1,200 aspects of a criteria catalog and examining ten MVPs. The result was a completely new insight into the functions of the MVP. Get to know the MVP navigator and the MVP map.

Why is quality so important when selling private comprehensive health insurance? In the workshop, important performance criteria, such as no limitation of the GOÄ / GOZ to the maximum rate, an open catalog of aids and remedies, are presented using clear examples. This makes it clear where the significant difference between 100% and 75% performance lies for the customer.

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