On this occasion, one could mention that the damage to the state caused by the banksters and large corporations is several orders of magnitude higher than the additional costs for refugees.

Re Business Competence: Does this mean Scholzen’s anti-social deal at HSH Nordbank? We now had such competence until vomiting.

I have one more thing: digitization dividend. Not only those who can buy a robot have the right to receive a permanent pension from it.

Well, and everything taken together, socially acceptable economic activity, then the return is no longer at 20-30%. Maybe only 5%. Still too much. Does meaningful work instead of squeezing others.

#neuland has now understood something. Namely, that they and their amigos, not always just the Americans, can make a lot of profit with data trading, without performance, and gain a dominant position in the market. Merkel and Altmaier have recently made hints in this direction. Brave market soldiers.

It’s not about data protection, but about human protection, about not dealing with personal data about people, these data are not noodles and eggs, but the key to the front door, access to the wallet and the psyche and the cameras in the bathroom and bedroom. And none of it is forgotten.

The West and China are becoming more and more similar in terms of total coverage and surveillance. New cars that internally have a combination of GPS trackers, cameras, Amazon echo multi bug and dozens of other sensors at the start, all of which are eagerly broadcasting home what you’re doing. Manufacturers and insurers are already figuring out who owns the dossiers they are preparing about us. The main thing is not us. Another scam to close the bag is coming soon, the classification of data as property, but that is another issue.

I don’t want to live in a totalitarian country, in which the economy and the state can monitor, guide, slow down and block me at will without my being able to recognize or prove it. And I don’t want spying on my everyday life, my habits, my circle of friends or my health to fill the coffers with windy guys. These are the same people who otherwise like to call themselves high achievers in society. What a mockery. Oh, the achievement was to present bugged honey pots for the consumer population and to lobby successfully for the eGK and against data protection? That’s an achievement, I have to acknowledge.

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