But there are some alternatives to the work and travel visa for you, such as the “Summer Work Travel”, which comes closest to the classic work and travel. During the Summer Work Travel program, young people can stay in the United States for up to four months and work in agriculture, hospitality or tourism. There is then time to travel after work – you can spend another month beyond the four months in the country, i.e. five months in total.

The prerequisite for participating in a “Summer Work Travel” program is that you are a registered full-time student and have already completed at least the first semester. The visa that is tied for this type of work and travel is the J-1 visa.

Further variants for a work and travel stay in the USA are, for example, the so-called summer camps, which represent a mixture of summer job and au pair. You will work in a holiday camp, where you will look after the children and young people and do other tasks in the camp.

Going to the USA as an au pair is also very popular and can be made possible with a special visa. If you want to do volunteer work in the USA, you can easily enter the country with the visitor visa B-1 and then you can stay in the country for 90 days. You then work in the field of nature or animal protection, for example, and you are not paid for your work. You can travel as much as you want within these 90 days and as long as you have enough money. As a volunteer you can also work on a farm and work with cattle or horses – nowhere does the dream of a cowboy come true as in the USA.

No matter which variant of job you choose, time for travel should definitely be planned. The USA is such a diverse and great country that it would be a shame to only spend your time there in one place. Every state is different and there are big differences between the two coasts and the center of the country.

Whether skyscrapers in New York, Hollywood feeling in Los Angeles, desert in Arizona or mountains in Colorado – the USA is pure diversity and promises great freedom. As a young person, getting to know this feeling of freedom and spending several months in this beautiful country is worthwhile and will help you personally and personally.

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