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On this occasion, one could mention that the damage to the state caused by the banksters and large corporations is several orders of magnitude higher than the additional costs for refugees.

Re Business Competence: Does this mean Scholzen’s anti-social deal at HSH Nordbank? We now had such competence until vomiting.

I have one more thing: digitization dividend. Not only those who can buy a robot have the right to receive a permanent pension from it.

Well, and everything taken together, socially acceptable economic activity, then the return is no longer at 20-30%. Maybe only 5%. Still too much. Does meaningful work instead of squeezing others.

#neuland has now understood something. Namely, that they and their amigos, not always just the Americans, can make a lot of profit with data trading, without performance, and gain a dominant position in the market. Merkel and Altmaier have recently made hints in this direction. Brave market soldiers.

It’s not about data protection, but about human protection, about not dealing with personal data about people, these data are not noodles and eggs, but the key to the front door, access to the wallet and the psyche and the cameras in the bathroom and bedroom. And none of it is forgotten.

The West and China are becoming more and more similar in terms of total coverage and surveillance. New cars that internally have a combination of GPS trackers, cameras, Amazon echo multi bug and dozens of other sensors at the start, all of which are eagerly broadcasting home what you’re doing. Manufacturers and insurers are already figuring out who owns the dossiers they are preparing about us. The main thing is not us. Another scam to close the bag is coming soon, the classification of data as property, but that is another issue.

I don’t want to live in a totalitarian country, in which the economy and the state can monitor, guide, slow down and block me at will without my being able to recognize or prove it. And I don’t want spying on my everyday life, my habits, my circle of friends or my health to fill the coffers with windy guys. These are the same people who otherwise like to call themselves high achievers in society. What a mockery. Oh, the achievement was to present bugged honey pots for the consumer population and to lobby successfully for the eGK and against data protection? That’s an achievement, I have to acknowledge.

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Automated new customer acquisition – qualified leads for EUR 5 Almost 50% of Germans own residential property. Over 500,000 residential properties change hands in Germany every year. How do you use the potential for your business? We will show you how you can win new customers quickly, easily and automatically via your homepage or from your inventory.

The German health system is one of the most stable in the world – this was clearly shown during the pandemic. So does that speak for the dual system? Is private health insurance gaining momentum? Or is citizen insurance the better solution? And what does this mean for sales and customers?

The company pension must be made fit for the future. Previous legal rules and products are due to sustained phase of low interest rates and increasing legal complexity can no longer be reconciled with the increasing security needs of employees due to the deteriorating situation in the GRV. The lecture is intended to shed light on people’s needs and suggest possible solutions.

Today, offline appointments give online appointments the handle in professional brokerage firms. Both types bring you and your customers advantages in their own way. Learn from a young and successful broker how you can best meet different customer requirements today and how you can design your own working method in a hybrid and modern way.

Company pension solutions are an essential factor in employer branding. The demands on technical solutions are high. Often times, it is the current technical possibilities that decide who is selected as an agent or provider. Modern advisory channels, a seamless transition from the conclusion to administration and online accounts are required. Status quo and visions for the digitization of the company pension.

The insurance industry will continue to develop over the next few years thanks to new technological opportunities. Questions are taken up as to why insurers should now deal with the topic of IoT and what approaches there are already in property insurance. The opportunities and risks that result from the use of IoT in the insurance industry are discussed.

– Consideration of those involved in the construction project – Interfaces and risks for client and contractor – Combined construction insurance as a solution, no longer just for large projects – Warranty claims due to incorrect execution, also for large projects – Insurance to simplify / accelerate the construction process

Special times require new paths. Our company processes and the type of communication are subject to tremendous change.

Mainly because a great deal has become better and has now already been still left in order to be studied with no adversity.

Studying and teaching are more than just imparting knowledge and skills. But how can the replacement of home and science still work under corona conditions? A guest post. More

Farmers across the country have repeatedly drawn attention to themselves in recent days with protests. The retail giant Rewe is now reacting. More

The Chinese reporter is accused of endangering national security. Your case increases pressure on foreign media in China. More

A feeling of infinity: Markus Eisenbichler and the German World Cup team let themselves be carried away by the fascination for ski flying in Planica. Before that, the co-favorite describes what is special about this competition. More

Politicians are trying to appease the retail sector with new aids before the threat of closings. Meanwhile, doctors are appealing: something must be done as soon as possible. More

Armenia contributed to the military escalation. But support is now needed. Otherwise the prospect of lasting peace in the South Caucasus is jeopardized. More

He made 100 international appearances for Brazil and played for top clubs such as AC Milan, Real Madrid and Manchester City. Robinho is said to have been involved in a gang rape in Italy. An appeals court has now confirmed the sentence. More

Deutsche Bank and Commerzbank outsource data to IT services from Google and Microsoft. But there is one interesting aspect in which the two big banks’ cloud strategies differ. More

The average pension paid out to women is less than 1,000 euros per month. So they get less than men. There is also a clear gap between East and West. More

Uber sells autonomous driving. We discuss why road traffic is a particularly difficult challenge for artificial intelligence. More

With our F + offer you get access to all exclusive articles on FAZ.NET for only 2.95 euros per week. Among other things, on these most popular pieces all week. More

Shortly before the collapse of the payment service provider, the head of the auditor oversight traded in Wirecard shares himself. Not only MPs are outraged. More

The Swedish royal family is expecting offspring again: Princess Sofia, the wife of Swedish Prince Carl Philip, is pregnant with her third child. More

Geriatric nurses complain of a particularly high burden. The labor minister is now promising improvement, at least in terms of wages. More

Johnnie Walker, Smirnoff, Baileys or Guinness: The listed alcohol company Diageo is one of the few British companies that can look forward to the UK’s exit from the EU with some calm thanks to strong brands. More

The European space telescope Gaia has mapped the positions and brightnesses of more than 1.8 billion stars in the Milky Way.

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The war rages on in Ukraine. Even if one might think that there are currently more important things in Eastern Europe than a European football tournament, the European Championship in Ukraine unfolds an unimagined radiance. They want to present unity. Wherever pro-Russian separatists are currently at war with the Ukrainian military, West and East Ukrainians stand side by side in the Ukrainian national team. From a sporting point of view, it should be difficult in Group C. The successful qualification was only possible via the playoffs against Slovenia. A European Championship participation in their own country, which ended in the group phase, has so far been booked. The Schowto-blakytni, the Yellow-Blue, have never won against Germany.

At least as far as the numbers are concerned, the Northern Irish should not be too confident at the European Championship in France. The other three group opponents would do well not to underestimate the island’s small country. Although the team is taking part in a European Championship finals for the first time, the heirs of George Best already proved in the group stage that they can actually play good football. After all, the Northern Irish qualified as group winners – undefeated and with the most goals scored. In the end, it was only enough for pot 4 in the draw. In the world rankings, however, they have already advanced to 30th place. By the way, the Northern Irish have already defeated the Germans twice, even if that was 31 years ago. Still, Northern Ireland could become the surprise group C team.

A lot can happen in six months. As usual, a few test matches will be played before the start of the finals, some of which are already scheduled. The game against the Netherlands that was canceled due to the terror warning should also be rescheduled if possible.

First, however, the German national team will face the first real endurance test against long-term rivals England on March 26th. Just three days later, the DFB-Elf travels to Munich and receives fearful opponents Italy there. For Jogi Löw and his coaching team, these games are likely to be particularly interesting and important, as they face two favorites from this year’s EM.

After the two test games in quick succession, there should be two more matches in the current planning. Opponents and dates have not yet been set. The national team should definitely play four to five games before they leave for France. Incidentally, the national team will be quartered very close to Lake Geneva in Evian-les-Bains. As usual, a training camp will take place before this final round, in which coaches, supervisors and players prepare tactically, physically and mentally for the upcoming tournament.

You will travel to the training camp in Ascona, Switzerland on May 23rd. Who will be there by then is still questionable. This is probably also related to the international performance of the German teams. In addition to Borussia Dortmund, Schalke 04 and Bayer Leverkusen in the Europa League, national players are also represented in the Champions League at VFL Wolfsburg and FC Bayern Munich. By mid-May, Joachim Löw should and will have decided on the final squad. The nomination period for the 23 players who are allowed to attend the European Championship ends on May 31.

Just listen to Charivari over the Internet – worldwide with the web radio. From Volkach to Vancouver, from Wiesenfeld to Washington.

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The IPH Group consisting of IPH Handelsimmobilien and IPH Centermanagement is consistently continuing its strategic growth course regardless of the effects of the corona pandemic. The nationwide leasing performance in 2020 amounted to over 200 leases with a total area of ​​54,950 square meters. This was almost a third higher than in 2019 with 41,500 sqm. The lettings concerned both classic retail and catering space and retail-related services as well as various leisure activities such as fitness. Due to the good order situation, the group expects further growth in 2021, which will be supported, among other things, by various large projects in Munich and Stuttgart in the various retail asset classes high street, shopping center and specialist market center.

The “Fahrrad Magdeburg Büchner GmbH” based in City Carré was looking for an additional location to open the first “CUBE Store” in Magdeburg. Aengevelt looked after the company comprehensively and brokered a long-term lease agreement for around 1,650 square meters of sales and workshop space in the listed property “Russian Bakery”, Halberstädter Strasse, in the Magdeburg district of Sudenburg. The property is managed by Prometheus Property Management GmbH. The rental period starts in spring. The CUBE brand is one of the few family-run, large bicycle companies with currently more than 70 license partners nationwide.

Redevco Services Deutschland GmbH presents a new tenant in the retail park in Gründau-Lieblos near Hanau: Fritz Frank Shoes and Sport KG, Bretzenheim, has recently rented two areas of around 2,400 square meters there on a long-term basis. Fritz Frank operates more than 40 specialist shops in the areas of shoe and sports fashion (e.g. Frank Schuh Palast, Sport Fink, Quick Schuh) and employs over 400 people. The retail park in Gründau-Lieblos, around 25 minutes from Frankfurt am Main, comprises five retail units on a good 21,000 square meters and has around 600 parking spaces.

Dr. From March 1st, Markus Trost (48) will head the JLL branch in Munich and thus also the representative office in Nuremberg. The architect and real estate economist has been responsible for the Project & Development Services team at JLL in the South region since 2015. He will continue to perform this function in his new role. Before joining JLL, Trost worked as a project coordinator for investment management at MEAG and on the management board of WSP Deutschland AG in Munich. Trost takes over this role from Dr.

Due to the fact a whole lot is much better and it has also been quit for you to be studied with out adversity.

Get to know Adam Riese’s current product range and broker advantages. In addition, you get exclusive insights into the further product roadmap. Daniel Welzer, CEO of Adam Riese and member of the management board of the W&W Group, will lead through the program.

Exchange ideas with our experts on the topics of prevention, data, health, application channels, process automation and many more in this roundtable. What special services do we offer you with LV 1871? And how do we make this tangible for you? Take part in this multifaceted interactive exchange, we look forward to seeing you.

What brings success? How do you deal with challenges? A manager and a top athlete provide information. He is an exceptional German athlete: the triathlete Jan Frodeno is Olympic champion and reigning champion of the Ironman Hawaii. Nina Klingspor is CEO of Allianz Private Health Insurance (APKV) – sales is a priority for her. They talk about the challenges in top-class sport and insurance, about motivation to constantly develop, and about the partnership between Jan Frodeno and the APKV.

Honorable merchants adapt their business model. Lead your own company safely into the future. What opportunities does this time offer brands? What the virtues of the VEVK mean and why honorable merchants are so important right now … Energy for entrepreneurs and suggestions for everyone! 30 minutes of time well spent.

Do you always have an eye on all target groups? In this workshop you will get to know the corresponding Allianz products for the target groups – in a nutshell, concise and sales-oriented!

Find out from two practical cases which possible solutions can be negotiated when switching to an insurance broker. Alexander Retsch shows you briefly how successful broker offices are created. Legally compliant action and experience in dealing with the respective exclusive insurers are a guarantee for a successful start as an independent insurance broker.

A study by MVP that has never been carried out in this depth has just been completed by dvb. Various sales specialists spent a year working through over 1,200 aspects of a criteria catalog and examining ten MVPs. The result was a completely new insight into the functions of the MVP. Get to know the MVP navigator and the MVP map.

Why is quality so important when selling private comprehensive health insurance? In the workshop, important performance criteria, such as no limitation of the GOÄ / GOZ to the maximum rate, an open catalog of aids and remedies, are presented using clear examples. This makes it clear where the significant difference between 100% and 75% performance lies for the customer.